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November 27, 2019 1 min read


Every single piece of Blamo is hand made. The hand made processstarts at the very beginning with the tools used. This is Spencer's personally set, hand carved on Orcas Island complete with hand made blades. 



Spencer works closely with our amazing Bali wood workers to make the object art that has come to define BLAMO toys. The process can vary, but generally each character is imagined, drawn, sculpted and carved by Spencer and team and then brought to our carvers to reproduce. It is not unusual for a single piece to be touched by the hands of at least 5 people before being released into the world. What we offer on our website are production pieces since each piece is handmade there will be variations in grain, stain, and characteristics.

We primarily use monkey pod, also known as Suar wood, as well as recycled Teak, which is harvested from retired Javanese fishing boats. 

We love the imprint our creatures leave on those who meet them, we hope you do too. Zuri can't wait to meet you. 


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