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December 16, 2019 1 min read


Spencer’s mom made him a pink bunny suit when he was leaving for college and that was when the idea for adult animal onesies was born. We currently have 17 different styles and are always adding more. If you have an idea for an animal we should make send us an email!     



We began making onesies for children when our friends started having babies. Now we offer 12 different styles of children onesies. With removable tails and machine washable cotton knit, they make a perfect costume for your favorite little creatures.  Now, dress up can be a family affair. 


 Our onesies are hand knit on a loom machine by two of our suppliers. The buttons, ears, tails and fins are all made and assembled in-house. A single onesie could go through 5 different hands before being delivered to your door. We know you have many choices but we think the quality, care and detail that goes into our onesies is the best you will find. We guarantee every one we make.