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August 27, 2020 1 min read


We stand in solidarity. As concerned humans, global citizens, community members and business owners we want to share our message against racism. We are committed to learning about ways we can contribute to the abolition of the deeply rooted racially unjust systems that make up the infrastructure of the United States. We are committed to unlearning the layers of white conditioning that normalize racism in everyday aspects of life.

We believe change is necessary and the radical shift of the consciousness of the nation is going to require deep exploration, honest conversations, action through words, through donations of time and money and energy, through protest, through voting, through legislature, through each one of us committing to making steps every single day to make a change, most importantly, through love.

BLAMO was founded on values of respect and kindness. Our company ethos has always been rooted in the health of the planet as a whole. We are continually finding ways to do better and appreciate the community that holds each one of us accountable. Every decision matters. Let’s move forward with determination, love, courage and the power of our voices. Together, we will make changes.