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August 28, 2020 2 min read

Swampy McSwamperton lives in a tree house above a cranberry bog in the great forests of Blamoville. He enjoys sending Valentine's all year round. It was after the delivery of an extra special love note in the fall of 1903 that a heart grew on his forehead.

Blamo has relied on USPS as our main mail carrier since our humble beginnings. The service the USPS provides is essential for our daily operational needs and has always provided an affordable and reliable way to deliver our product directly to our customers.

The USPS has been in need of assistance for a long time, but recent changes have strongly impacted their ability to carry out services and we have all been feeling the effects. Standard and priority mail transit times have noticeably slowed in recent weeks. We are worried for the future of the USPS. Losing this vital public system would severely hurt countless small businesses that have already lost sales outlets as brick and mortar's have been forced to close, additionally it puts our collective democracy at risk.

On Saturday, August 22nd, the US House passed a bill that would provide funding to the USPS and block changes that have slowed down services. This now needs to be passed by the Senate. We will continue to stand with the USPS and do everything we can to support them and make sure we can continue to provide our customers with a high standard service we believe in.

Here is what we have been doing and suggestions for how you can help:

- Contact your representatives and demand that they support USPS funding.
- Text “USPS” to 50409 to sign your name on a petition to support the USPS that will be delivered to your local officials. Click HERE for a direct link to a petition.
- Buy stamps! Send love letters, write to your friends that you haven’t been able to  see since the beginning of the year, say hello to us - we’ll write back!
- If you’re voting via mail, vote early. Send in your mail in ballot as quickly as possible.

We want to continue to grow our Blamo community and the functioning of the United States Postal Service is a necessary component. Let's do what we can to save the USPS. As always, thank you for the support. 

With love and gratitude,