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November 11, 2019 1 min read


All of our fabrics at BLAMO Clothing are hand selected to bring you the best quality, comfort, functionality and fit. The VOYAGER collection was inspired by tones found in nature and uses natural materials such as Supima Cotton, Silk and Linen. Many of our fabrics are treated with special in-house processes developed by Spencer Hansen.

Our waxed pieces are made from beeswax (sourced from the small Idaho town where Spencer was raised) that we melt and hand paint into the garments with a paint brush.  The wax provides a weather resistance as well as a sculpted look.  

We also hand painted or dye with custom colors. This process gives each garment a slightly individual look that transforms over time giving the clothes a life of their own.

We use vegetable tanned leather for our hats, shoes and backpacks. The shapes are made from wet forming leather over wooden molds that are designed and hand-carved in our workshop. They are then hand painted and treated with oil, wax or a combination of the two.