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Fur Bandit

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Fur Bandit arrived in Blamoville via a ship full of legends. It’s widely know that he befriended Loch Ness while swashbuckling through the Scottish Highlands. Unsuccessful in his attempt to bring ol’ Nelly back to Blamoville, Fur Bandit decided to take up studying languages (as he was certain the invitation was misunderstood). Now, with 108 languages committed to memory Fur Bandit travels the world as an interpreter.

Bandit is made with goat fur and a hand cast brass face. Filled with beads and a little bit of magic. Bandit stands approximately 10" tall and comes in a hand-printed box.

Because we use real fur that varies widely in coloration, every Bandit has a unique look and color all its own. Despite our efforts to create the perfect art figure, each is unique and may contain minor imperfections… or as we like to call it, character.