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July 22, 2022 2 min read

Care instructions for our bees waxed infused hand made felt hats.

The early days of Blamo (then Heathen), were highly defined by our hats. We began primarily as a hat company. Our product range has since expanded but we still love to make a good hat. Hats are a very personal possession. Proper care will ensure the longevity of your hat. 


Always handle your hat by the brim. Avoid handling the crown as much as possible. 
Never rest your hat on its brim. Turn it upside down and rest it on the crown. 
Dust your hat with a soft bristled brush to keep it clean.
Heat will shrink the hat and melt the wax - avoid exposure to stoves, lamps, hot cars.
Do not leave unworn in direct sunlight.
Never leave your hat in a car or near a window.


Store your hat in a cool dry place to help it to retain its shape and stay clean. 
A hat box is a great way to protect your hat from dust and becoming misshapen.
Fill your hat with tissue paper when packing or storing for long periods of time.

We recommend using a hat stretcher while storing your hat. This will prevent shrinkage. Below is a link 

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Fit and Shape

Steam it out. If your hat gets bent or dented, steam will go a long way. Hold the hat over a steaming kettle or near a clothes steamer for about 30 seconds. Reshape the hat with your fingers. You may use an iron on a low heat setting. 
Repeat as needed. 

If you need to stretch your hat, you can steam and then use a hat stretcher. 
If you need your hat to fit more snuggly you can use hat sizing tape.

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Soft bristle brushing works wonders for a dirty hat. 

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