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ZOOM Mask - Linen Black

In stock.
In stock

We developed the ZOOM linen face mask to compliment your evening wear. Comfort does not compromise function with this double layer mask featuring a pocket for a filter, over the ear and tie back design and a flexible nose piece for a secure fit. Made from 100% linen.

Black, Olive/Natural Tie-dye colorway
100% Linen (minimal stretch)
Over the ear on and off with a tie back
Metal nose piece for secure fit
Ergonomic face shape for comfort
2 sizes: S/M and M/L

S/M: A: 15 cm  B: 22 cm  C: 38 cm   D: 40cm  x 2 tie tail

M/L: A: 16 cm  B: 24 cm  C: 40 cm   D: 40cm x 2 tie tail 

Please contact customer service with mask questions. Due to hygienic reasons we are unable to accept face mask returns or exchanges. Thank you for your understanding.