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VROOM Mask - Citrine

In stock.
In stock

The VROOM stretch face mask is a simple over the ear design meant to be your go to mask for being on the go. This double layer cotton/lycra mask is comfortable, versatile and with a no strings attached fit it is easy to take on and off and fold away into a pocket.

Citrine colorway
92% cotton 8% Spandex
Over the ear on and off
Metal nose piece for secure fit
Ergonomic face shape for comfort
2 sizes S/M and M/L

S/M: A: 13 cm  B: 22 cm  C: 4.5 cm 

M/L: A: 14 cm  B: 23.5 cm  C: 5 cm 

Please contact customer service with face mask questions. Due to hygienic reasons we are unable to accept mask returns or exchanges. Thank you for your understanding.