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POW Mask - Mango

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The POW is a versatile buff style mask that’s easy to keep track of. With the pullover design it can be worn over the face and head or around the neck with limited adjusting and no tying needed. The cotton/lycra composition allows for a breathable form fitting mask that holds its shape. Great for on and off-road adventures or daily activities.

Black, Olive, Citrine colorway
92% cotton 8% Spandex 
Pull over on and off 
Flexible nose piece for secure fit
Ergonomic face shape for comfort 
2 sizes S/M and M/L

S/M: A: 28 cm  B: 11  C: 22 

M/L: A: 32 cm  B: 12.5 cm  C: 25.5 cm 

Please contact customer service with mask questions. Due to hygienic reasons we are unable to accept face mask returns or exchanges. Thank you for your understanding.