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Blamo and Heathen originated from the minds of Spencer Hansen and Shayne Maratea, but long existed in separate spheres. For our new website, we wanted to bring these worlds together to let them cross pollinate and lead us down interesting new design pathways. At, you will find all of our creative passions gathered under one roof and organized into three main components:

BLAMO CLOTHING (formerly known as Heathen) = a lifestyle brand that encompasses mens and women's clothing, hats, footwear, jewelry, and accessories. Bestsellers include hand painted shorts and wet formed leather hats.


BLAMO TOY ART = mysterious creatures handmade from wood, brass, leather, and other natural materials. From little brass hugs that you can wear around your neck to life-size Billy rabbit sculptures, citizens of Blamoville all share a common love of adventure.

Blamo Toy Art

BLAMO ADVENTUREWEAR = knit onesies and masks for creatures big and small. Our kigurumi are completely unique and meant to foster creativity and play. Find your spirit animal and choose your own adventures.

Everything is designed and self-produced at our Bali workshop, with an emphasis on an ethical, creative work environment, and we think this ethos is evident in the pieces we create.

So we hope you enjoy our new home. We would love to hear your feedback! Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, and definitely stay tuned  as we release our new collections over the coming months.